4 Examples of Branding Your Business to Fit Your Strengths

4 Examples of Branding Your Business to Fit Your Strengths

Just as ice cream brands have different flavors and characteristics, so our businesses also need to show our unique qualities to brand them. If you brand your business to fit your strengths, experience, and personality, then you will attract the people you most want to work with and who will most benefit from working with you. Here are some examples of people who've created good brands and some questions to get you think more deeply about your branding message.

Examples of Using Differences to Create Good Brands

Some coach clients have different niches based on their previous work experience. Few others coach in their niches, so they stand out.

One combines her real estate business experience with her planning and time management strengths. She began by coaching people in real estate, then coached others in other businesses.

Another found that others offered information but not coaching services in his niche. He found a need that was not being filled that few others had the experience to serve.

A copywriter friend stands out among copywriters because he has in-depth understanding of technical work—he used to do it. Now, he excels at clarifying technology for a non-technical audience.

Some former technical writers I know now find more profit and freedom in providing training and training products that teach people how to use new Internet technologies in their businesses.

In my case, I've capitalized on my training and higher education backgrounds. While others in information marketing focus on the marketing products clients create, I focus on product and program creation and have begun providing more complete coaching, writing, and implementation services.

I now find myself appearing in Google and LinkedIn searches along with people who do marketing or teach it. As I've refined my message, I've gotten more referrals and more requests from people want to work with me after researching alternatives.

Questions for Branding Your Business

You can increase your confidence and attract more clients through better branding, too.  It takes self-reflection over weeks or months. And, like mine, your brand will change as you do.

To get started, ask  yourself these questions:

  • What do you best?
  • Who do you do it for?
  • How does what you do help them?
  • What is different about how you do this for them or with them?
  • What do related businesses offer? How do they offer it and to whom?
  • What is different about your skills, characteristics, and strengths?
  • What is different about who you serve? Are you niched in a specialty?

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