Why You Need a Great LinkedIn Profile

Why you need a great linkedIn profile

A great LinkedIn profile allows employers, recruiters, and prospective clients to learn more about you before they decide to call you for an interview.

Furthermore, over 60% of employers search LinkedIn for qualified candidates without advertising! Therefore, if:

  • Your profile is not properly optimized, you won't be found.
  • It lacks header that grabs attention, it will be overlooked.
  • The summary doesn't tell a compelling story about you, what you've done, and what you offer, the reader will click away.
  • Your LinkedIn profile content does not match the resume they received, they will think something is wrong and not contact you.

If you're out of work, then an investment in professional writing services is key to stop the loss of income every month. Your résumé and LinkedIn profile are investments that pay for themselves.

What to expect

Each resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile begins with a questionnaire for you to complete. I use it as a basis to interview you about details of your background, accomplishments, and what's important to you in your work and leadership.

Then I craft each résumé and LinkedIn profile to target the position(s) you want.

What clients say

“Holly Genser was wonderful to work with. She prompted thought, engaged well to facilitate my articulation of concepts and content, and she really captured the essence of my character behind the qualifications. I learned a lot in the interaction about branding, marketing, and most importantly about myself.”

— Steve E., Operations Vice President, AL

“I love the LinkedIn profile you wrote for me, Holly, and the process of answering your questions was eye-opening. You gave me a new perspective on myself and my achievements, which helped me increase my confidence in what I offer through my business.
Thanks so much!”

— Charo Pinilla Villaverde, Founder and Coach, TappingYourPurpose.com, Madrid, Spain

What you'll receive

The profile

Recruiters searching on LinkedIn immediately see your value beneath your name and photo, so they are more likely click on your profile.

Once there, your summary speaks for you, telling about what you do, how you do it, how you lead, and what you value.

The same powerful accomplishments from your resume appear attractively reformatted in LinkedIn's Experience section.

Keywords for searching appear strategically throughout the profile, so you will be screened in during LinkedIn searches for people with your background and skills.

Your profile will have attractive bullets and spacing to emphasize what is most important about you and lead readers' eyes to move through your profile.

Additional guidance

Beyond the content, I give you recommendations and instructions to improve all areas of LinkedIn that apply to you. These may include groups to join, skills and endorsements, courses, certifications, volunteer experience, cover and personal photos, and your LinkedIn URL.

Further training on how to use LinkedIn to network and find positions is available as a separate service.

Writing Services

Since a good résumé process is the foundation for a powerful LinkedIn profile, LinkedIn services are only provided along with résumé writing services.

Individual writing services and their fees are shown below.

However, most people find that discounted complete document and service packages better meet their needs. If that's true for you, we'll discuss packages in your consultation.


See some samples here.

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