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Why you need a great linkedIn profile

Why You Need a Great LinkedIn Profile

As a professional LinkedIn profile writer, I know that a great LinkedIn profile allows employers, recruiters, and prospective clients you've contacted to learn more about you, even before they decide to call you for an interview.

In addition, over 60% of employers search LinkedIn for qualified candidates without advertising! Therefore:

  • If your profile is not properly optimized, you won't be found.
  • If it lacks header that grabs attention, it will be overlooked.
  • If the summary doesn't tell a compelling story about you, what you've done, and what you offer, the reader will click away.
  • If your LinkedIn profile content does not match the resume they received, they will think something is wrong and not contact you.

If you're out of work, then an investment in professional writing services is key to stop the loss of income every month. Your résumé and LinkedIn profile will more than pay for themselves.

If you're moving to another job, then the higher income and increased satisfaction will quickly pay for your résumé or LinkedIn profile. See some samples here.

What to expect

Each resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile begin with a questionnaire for you to complete and a one- to two-hour personal interview to identify details of your accomplishments and keywords that apply to you.

Then I write each resume and profile targeted to the position you most want.

For your LinkedIn profile, your value and highlights will appear immediately in the header beneath your name and photo to encourage people to click on your profile when they search and to read your summary, where they will see more about what you do, how you do it, and what is important to you, and the value you bring to an employer.

In the experience section, the same powerful accomplishments from your resume will be redesigned with special Unicode bullets that look good on LinkedIn.

Keywords for applicant tracking systems will appear throughout the profile so you will be screened in during LinkedIn searches for people with your background and skills rather screened out.

Finally, you'll have special Unicode bullets throughout the profile attract attention, emphasize what is most important about you, and lead readers' eyes to move through your profile.

Writing Packages

While you may purchase services individually, most find career services packages, which provide complete services with discount opportunities, better meet their needs.

 Your Investment


See some samples here.

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