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Why you need a great linkedIn profile

Why You Need a Great LinkedIn Profile

As a professional LinkedIn profile writer, I know that a great LinkedIn profile allows employers, recruiters, and prospective clients you've contacted to learn more about you, even before they decide to call you for an interview.

It also helps them find you when they search on LinkedIn for someone just like you.

  • If your profile is not properly optimized, you won't be found.
  • If it lacks header that grabs attention, it will be overlooked.
  • If the summary doesn't tell a compelling story about you, what you've done, and what you offer, the reader will click away.

What employers, recruiters, and prospective clients see online can determine whether you get called, or even hired, and LinkedIn is the first or second entry they will see when they Google your name.

Google Is Your New Résumé …if you are on the Internet you no longer have just one resume. You now have two, in effect, whether you want to (two) or not. Because employers nowadays look at both: the résumé you carefully compose, then send to them, and the one that will randomly display before their eyes, when they type your name into Google’s search engine and bammo! . . .

Some 68 percent of employers have hired a candidate because they were impressed by what Google showed them about that candidate’s skills with people, in addition to their creativity or professionalism demonstrated online, and the wide range of interests exhibited.

—Richard N. Bolles, What Color Is Your Parachute? Guide to Rethinking Resumes: Write a Winning Resume and Cover Letter and Land Your Dream Interview (2014)

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