Find the 75% of Job Openings that Are Never Advertised

One reason people get few answers to their online job applications, besides the quality of their resume, is that ads account for only 2% of jobs filled!

Up to 75% of jobs are filled through networking. The rest are filled by recruiters.

Access job search resources and services to tap this hidden job market

Learn skills through how-to guides. Then use tracking sheets to motivate you to take action and record your progress.

The Tap the Hidden Job Market Jumpstart Session and Gentle Networking Jumpstart Session provide personal guidance.

* How-to Guides

  • Job Seekers’ Guide to the Hidden Job Market - the master ebook in the series
  • A Gentle Guide to Networking Your Way to Your Next Job​ - how to talk with people and get information and referrals, even if you’re an introvert
  • What to Do Next with Your Resume - how to connect with and work with recruiters.
  • Job Search Research Resources—Recruiters + Directories - find organization information and recruiters

* Tracking Sheets

  • Networking and Interviewing Worksheet for tracking (in your choice of Word or Excel formats)
  • Job Search Activity and Goal Tracking Sheet to help you focus on taking action, so you remain upbeat regardless of results.

* Leverage the Hidden Powers of LinkedIn Jumpstart Session

Pull it all together by learning how to use little-known LinkedIn job search techniques and developing an action plan. One 50-minute session with me. Includes access to resources.

* Gentle Networking Jumpstart Session

Discuss personal strategies for networking your way to a new job, which is how up to 75% of jobs are found. One 50-minute session with me. Includes access to resources.

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Holly Genser, CCTC, NCRW, NCOPE