Target your resume for resultsAs a professional résumé writer, I hear how many times résumés "fall into a black hole" online.

The truth is, you cannot write one-size-fits-all résumés the way you did a few years ago and expect results anymore. The rules have changed.

You need to:

  • Customize your résumé for each position
  • Find and use the right keywords and formats in your résumés to pass through company filters and website search engines.
  • Showcase what's different and valuable about you—in six seconds.
  • Create a personable LinkedIn profile summary that encourages recruiters and employers to contact you.

How to demonstrate your worth to the people who count

As a career transitions coach and résumé writer, I help you discover and communicate the true value of what you offer employers.

Your résumé will help you:

  • Gain attention through applicant tracking computer software.
  • Convince recruiters to pass your resume on to hiring managers.
  • Induce a hiring manager to call you.

All with complete honesty and integrity. See some samples here.

“Holly, thank you for working so diligently to create my new resume. Everything looks spot on. I certainly appreciate your thoroughness and professionalism. It has been a pleasure working with you.”

— Cheryl M., FL

How professional writing is worth the investment

If you're out of work, then an investment in professional writing services is key to stop the loss of income every month. Your résumé and LinkedIn profile will more than pay for themselves.

If you're moving to another job, then the higher income and increased satisfaction will quickly pay for your résumé or LinkedIn profile.

Each résumé, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile begin with a questionnaire for you to complete and a one- to two-hour personal interview to identify details for your accomplishments and keywords that apply to you.

Then I write each résumé and profile targeted to the position you most want. Your value and highlights will appear at the top where employers and recruiters skim first to decide who to investigate further and interview. In addition, powerfully-written accomplishments will show the impact of what you've done—not simply your job duties. And, yes, your work has had valuable impacts for your employer(s). Keywords for applicant tracking systems are written throughout the documents so you will be screened in for a person to see your worth rather screened out.

Finally, attractive design and layout with graphic elements attract attention, emphasize what is most important about you, and lead readers' eyes to move through the document.

Writing Packages

While you may purchase services individually, most find career services packages better meet their needs. Discount available for three or more services purchased at the same time.

Your Investment


See some samples here.

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