Expertly Crafted, Custom Résumés Attract Interviews

Target your resume for results

Benefits of My Services as a Nationally Certified Résumé Writer

  • Customize each resume to a specific job, so it contains the right keywords for applicant tracking software and positions you as a stellar candidate for recruiters, hiring managers, and executives.
  • Communicate what you can do for an employer within six seconds
  • Prove what you can do for them, beyond job descriptions, by highlighting your contributions and impacts in previous positions
  • Showcase what's different and valuable about you—your skills, accomplishments, and personality
  • Use clear, specific language and avoid over-used terms like "team player"
  • Use color, lines, shading, and other ATS-friendly graphic elements to highlight important information and lead the reader's eye throughout.

“Holly, my process with you helped me realize I want to focus on direct practice instead of focusing on a fulltime job. I want to create a business by picking up independent contracts. I actually picked up two more since my work with you [on my resume and LinkedIn profile]. I also referred someone to you! Thank you again.”

—Janice Hemmer-Tischler, LCSW, ACSW, CAC, Behavioral Health Director and Therapist, West Palm Beach, FL

“Holly Genser was wonderful to work with. She prompted thought, engaged well to facilitate my articulation of concepts and content, and she really captured the essence of my character behind the qualifications. I learned a lot in the interaction about branding, marketing, and most importantly about myself. ”

— Steve E., Operations Vice President, AL

If you're out of work, then an investment in professional writing services is key to stop the loss of income every month. Your résumé and LinkedIn profile will more than pay for themselves when you begin your new position.

If you're moving to another job, then the higher income and increased satisfaction will quickly pay for your résumé or LinkedIn profile.

After using my new resume and LinkedIn profile to answer online ads, my response rate went up an average of 65%. And instead of screening me on the phone, recruiters immediately asked for job interviews and said my résumé spoke for itself.”— Claus K., Senior Environmental Project Scientist, FL
Update: Found a new positon in four months after nine months unemployed.

“When I moved to Florida from N.Y., I had worked as an assistant principal for ten years. But after three years here, I still hadn't gotten another position at that level and was teaching
I applied to one position with my new résumé, was called the next to interview, and I was hired on the spot.”—Kerrie D., FL

Our Process Together

Each custom-crafted, branded résumé, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile begins with a questionnaire for you to complete and a 90-minute personal interview to identify details for your accomplishments and keywords that apply to you.

And I help you all along the way.

Based on the questionnaire and interview, I uncover and write the impacts of your work—not simply your job duties.

Finally, attractive design and layout with graphic elements attract attention, emphasize what is most important about you, and lead readers' eyes throughout the document.

Ready for the Next Step?

If you’re ready to explore how I can ease your job or career change, I invite you to a Discovery Consultation. We’ll discuss your situation and goals and you'll be heard and understood.

If we agree that my services are a fit for you, I'll tell you more about how I work and your investment. If not, I may be able to refer you to some resources or to another provider.

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Holly Genser, CCTC, NCRW, NCOPE