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Are you a discerning professional or leader who is:

  • Changing jobs or careers?
  • Successful at work but feeling overwhelmed?
  • Yearning to do meaningful work elsewhere or in your own business?
  • Needing to attract more clients to an existing business?
  • Returning to work after an illness?

Get clear, be confident, and connect to meaningful work you love

  • Enjoy work again where you are, in another position, or in another career.
  • Feel relief from overwhelm, pressure, stress.
  • Feel more relaxed, fulfilled, and in charge of your life.
  • Spend more time with family and pursuing other interests.

Who benefits?

Having worked with people from many backgrounds and organization levels, I've found that those who benefit most are discerning professionals and leaders who:

  • Strive to contribute to a higher purpose.
  • Enjoy giving back and developing others.
  • Create programs or products.

Often, they are also introverts or highly sensitive people (HSPs).

What's involved?

To achieve  your career goals, you will invest money and personal time for reflection to:

  • Clarify your career purpose and criteria for selecting positions.
  • Stand out as a quality candidate who solves problems and creates value for employers or clients on paper, online, and in interviews.
  • Learn ways to become proactive in your job search rather than waiting for online applications.
  • Prepare to reach out to new people and interview with confidence and poise, even if you're an introvert.

See my career coaching page, resume writing page, and LinkedIn profile page for more information on my services.

Benefit from my personal and professional qualifications

Someone who's been where you are

During my 25+ year career, I successfully changed jobs and careers several times to better fit my needs and interests as a creative and caring introvert and HSP.

The industries I've worked in included Fortune 500 telecommunications corporations, adult education, higher education, and nonprofits.

The roles I've taken in these organizations included internal and external training consultant, project manager, trainer, instructor, and department manager.

Of course, now I'm a career transitions coach and certified writer who strategizes with people like you to make career decisions, find where you fit, develop a personal campaign, and stand out as a quality candidate with the confidence to land the work you want.

An up-to-date, trained professional

I invest in training, collegial relationships, and certifications to provide you with high-quality services and to keep up with the latest trends in job search and career documents.

  • Certified Career Transitions Coach (CCTC)
  • Nationally Certified Resume Writer (NCRW)
  • Nationally Certified Online Profile Expert (NCOPE)
  • Certified Coach (CTA-CC)
  • National Resume Writers'Association, Member, past newsletter coordinator
  • Career Thought Leaders—Master lessons in Executive Resume and LinkedIn Profile Writing; Blueprint for the Hidden Job Market; Strategies for the 60+ Job Seeker
  • Career Directors International, Member
  • Master of Arts in Training and Development, The Ohio State University

Navigate the modern job search

You'll discover or rediscover your values, purpose, job decision criteria, and past organizational successes and impacts.

You'll benefit from my strategic knowledge of personal branding, applicant software,  LinkedIn profiles, the needs of recruiters and hiring managers, the hidden job market, interviewing, and much more.

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Certified Career Transitions Coach, Resume Writer - Holly Genser

What clients say


“I was fortunate to meet Holly when I was grappling with a particularly challenging issue at work. She gave me the tools I needed to find a successful solution. She listened and guided me. When I think of Holly's leadership style and results, I think of the philosopher Lao Tzu: But with the best leaders, when the work is done, the task accomplished, the people will say "We have done this ourselves.” Holly is one of the best leaders.

— Carolyn D., Senior Editor, West Palm Beach, FL

“I felt properly prepared for an interview, probably for the first time in my life....I actually enjoy going on interviews now because I know what I’m doing! The work I did with Holly was pivotal to my success.”
— Paula M., Therapist, West Palm Beach, FL

You nailed what was keeping me stuck, and the process you suggested was exactly what I needed to dissolve my inner blocks. I also felt understood and safe so I could open in ways I normally wouldn't. Holly, you have both a compassionate heart and a well of wisdom that you generously share. Thanks so much!”
—Charo Pinilla Villaverde, Owner and Coach, Madrid Spain

“During my coaching program with Holly, I learned and applied structures, strategies, and resources that enabled me to narrow down what I want to do next in my career. With Holly's guidance, I also gained additional skills for building my professional network, including tools for conducting effective informational interviews.”
— Shannon Brown, Orlando, FL


“Hi Holly, wanted to give you a quick update. My [resume and LinkedIn profile] process with you helped me realize I want to focus on direct practice instead of focusing on a fulltime job. I want to create a business by picking up independent contracts. I actually picked up two more since my work with you. I also referred someone to you! Thank you again.”

 —Janice Hemmer-Tischler, LCSW, ACSW, CAC, Behavioral Health Director and Therapist, West Palm Beach, FL

“Holly Genser was wonderful to work with [on my LinkedIn profile]. She prompted thought, engaged well to facilitate my articulation of concepts and content, and she really captured the essence of my character behind the qualifications. I learned a lot in the interaction about branding, marketing, and most importantly about myself.”

— Steve E., Operations Vice President, AL

“I love the LinkedIn profile you wrote for me, Holly, and the process of answering your questions was eye-opening. You gave me a new perspective on myself and my achievements, which helped me increase my confidence in what I offer through my business.
Thanks so much!”

—Charo Pinilla Villaverde, Founder and Coach,  Tapping Your Purpose, Madrid Spain

“I’ve worked with Holly because she listens to me, she understands what I'm saying, she is a great writer, and she makes everything sound wonderful.”
— Patti Hasner, Owner,, Delray Beach, FL

Get clear on your next steps today

If you are a discerning professional or leader who wants to present a high-quality image that matches your inner desires and contributions, contact me to schedule a discovery consultation. We'll discuss your situation, goals, and challenges. If we both think I can help you, I'll tell you the investment and how I work. I look forward to talking with you soon.

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