Find Your Path to
a New Meaningful Job or Career

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As a professional or leader ready to change jobs or careers, you want to make a meaningful contribution, work in integrity with your values, have opportunities for growth, and have a good, stable income.

But now it's hard to see the way forward because you're in one or more of the following situations.

  • You're unhappily employed and feeling overworked, insecure, or stifled.
  • You're unemployed and feeling anxious to get back to work.
  • You're underemployed with too little income, responsibility, and challenge.
  • You're an introvert whose job is draining because the work environment doesn't support you.

And, you've been trying to make changes without success

  • You're getting few to no responses to your job applications.
  • You're not getting job offers after interviews or not getting offers you want.
  • You're feeling stuck and don't know where to begin to navigate the modern job search.

Is there really hope?


You can change to a more satisfying position in an organization that supports your contribution to a higher purpose and a more balanced life. 

Hi, I’m Holly Genser.

HollyAs a career coach and resume writer, I help professionals and leaders who are frustrated with their jobs or careers and want to work in integrity with their values. Over the last six years, I’ve worked with hundreds of clients, from new grads to executives.

You'll find me to be a:

  • Multi-certified career coach and resume writer who keeps up with the latest techniques to ease your job or career change.
  • Career service provider who understands you because I’ve been in your career transitioning shoes many times.
  • Personal collaborator who uncovers, recognizes, and articulates the values, gifts, and contributions that you haven’t yet seen in yourself.

Who benefits from working with me?

While I’ve worked with clients in many industries and at all organizational levels, those seem to most benefit from working with me are project managers and leaders with integrity who:

  • Strive to contribute to a higher purpose
  • Develop people, programs, or products or
  • Research and design solutions
  • Work in:
    • ✧ HR ✧ Talent Development
      ✧ Sales ✧ Marketing ✧ Business Operations
      ✧ Science ✧ Engineering
      ✧ Behavioral Health
      ✧ Education Administration
      ✧ Nonprofit Management
      ✧ Coaching ✧ Consulting

Ready for your next step to change your job or career?

If you’re ready to explore how I can ease your job or career transition, I invite you to a Discovery Consultation. We’ll discuss your situation and goals and you'll be heard and understood.

If we agree that my services are a fit for you, I'll tell you more about how I work and your investment. If not, I may be able to refer you to some resources or to another provider.

To schedule a Discovery Consultation, click here.

Or, if you first want to learn more about how I work, click here.

Holly Genser, CCTC, NCRW, NCOPE Holly Genser, CCTC, NCRW, NCOPE - Member, National Resume Writers' Association, NRWA Ask the Experts Contributor, Career Directors International,