Get Clear. Stand Out. Do Work You Love.

Are you a professional or leader who is:

  • Changing jobs or careers?
  • Successful in your work but feeling overwhelmed?
  • Trying to fit into others expectations and not following your own heart?
  • Yearning to do meaningful work in your own business?
  • Needing to attract more clients to an existing business?
  • Returning to work after an illness?

I understand. I've been there. I can help.

You want to use your strengths. You want flexible work. You want to be appreciated.

Maybe you want new employment. Maybe you want to freelance. Maybe you don't know what you want yet.

How to find meaningful work that fits like a glove

1. Navigate Career Transition



Improve your confidence and renew your enthusiasm by staying on track, preparing for interviews, and finding your new work faster than you could alone. Click to find out more about coaching services.

2. Communicate your value to employers or clients

Certified Career Transitions Coach, Resume Writer - Holly Genser

Stand out with professionally designed, written, and branded résumés, letters, LinkedIn profiles as well as web pages, newsletters, and case studies.

What clients say

I was fortunate to meet Holly when I was grappling with a particularly challenging issue at work. She gave me the tools I needed to find a successful solution. She listened and guided me. When I think of Holly's leadership style and results, I think of the philosopher Lao Tzu: But with the best leaders, when the work is done, the task accomplished, the people will say "We have done this ourselves.” Holly is one of the best leaders.— Carolyn D., FL

“I felt properly prepared for an interview, probably for the first time in my life....I actually enjoy going on interviews now because I know what I’m doing! The work I did with Holly was pivotal to my success.”
— Paula M., FL

“I’ve worked with Holly because she listens to me, she understands what I'm saying, she is a great writer, and she makes everything sound wonderful.”
— Patti H., FL

Who am I?

I discovered the power of career coaching and resume writing when I changed jobs and careers several times and taught and developed career-related workshops for two Fortune 500 companies—AT&T and Sprint.

Today, as a Certified Career Transitions Coach and active member of the National Résumé Writers Association, I help professionals and leaders find fulfilling positions that allow them to use their highest skills to develop successful people and organizations. Find out more about me here.

Get clear on your next steps today

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