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Hi! I’m Holly Genser.

Are you...

  • Changing jobs or careers?
  • Successful in your work but feeling overwhelmed?
  • Want more quality time for family, hobbies, building a business, or volunteer work?
  • Trying to fit into others expectations and not following your own heart?
  • Yearning to do meaningful work in your own business?
  • Needing to attract more clients to an existing business?
  • Returning to work after an illness?

You’re in the right place

I’ve been there, too.

During my 25+ year career, I successfully changed jobs and careers several times to better fit my needs and interests. I worked in Fortune 500 corporations, adult education, higher education, and nonprofits. I was a training consultant, project manager, trainer, instructor, and department manager

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How I work

Whether you want a more meaningful job or business,  a résumé and LinkedIn profile, or online marketing materials for attracting clients, you’ll find that I’m a guide who listens deeply and who reflects and teaches with insight and long life experience.

See my career coaching page, resume writing page, and LinkedIn profile page for more information.

My proven 7-step transition process is flexible enough for those who want new employment, to start a new business, or to grow an existing business. Whichever describes you, we start where you are.

Who Benefits from My Programs

I’ve worked with people from many backgrounds and organization levels. However, I seem to work best with professionals and leaders who have many of these characteristics:Rise Above - Holly Genser, Career Coach & Writer

  • Are ready to invest time and money to create a better future
  • Will complete assignments that require thought and reflection
  • Like to follow through with action
  • Enjoy making a contribution and developing others

Let’s Get Started

Clarify your criteria for choosing your next career step, stand out with professionally designed messages that authentically represent you, and find or create work you love.

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Feel free to contact me for a consultation to discuss your situation,  goals, and challenges. If we both think I can help you, I'll tell you how I work. There's no obligation.

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