Do You Want Heart- and Relationship-Centered Work?

Hi! I’m Holly Genser. As a career coach, résumé and marketing writer, I help caring, midcareer coaches, creatives, teachers, and trainers to attract work they love through self-alignment and personal marketing.

If you’re a woman who’s tired of struggling to fit your life and values into the corporate world or chasing business and working so hard without enough results...

And you want to...

  • Feel your work aligns with your heart’s values and integrity
  • Enjoy contributing to others or the world
  • Engage time for rich relationships with your spouse, family children, or organizations...

You’re in the right place

I’ve been there, too.

I’m an artist-teacher soul who weathered corporate and nonprofit work for over 20 years. I successfully navigated many job and career changes that brought me successively more aligned with my heart.

With over ten years in Fortune 500 companies as corporate training consultant and project manager and ten in adult education and higher education as a tutor, academic coach, instructor, and department director, I’ve bent myself to fit in and learned a lot of skills in the process that have helped me move my work closer and closer to fitting my desired lifestyle.

Even after becoming a certified coach, it's taken a lot of time to explore and learn where I fit in business and how to become visible so the people who can most benefit from my skills and experience can find me.

Interestingly, many of the skills I learned in my career and during my business ramp-up are what many coaches, creatives, teachers, and trainers tell me they need.

In addition, I've developed a 7-step career transition process that merges career development with business development. It works for either and for both. See my process.

Find out more about my career story and my experience and credentials.

Your Guide Out of the Work Forest

A Mission to Facilitate Collaborative, Relationship-Centered Businesses

My mission is to facilitate women in becoming prosperous, relationship-centered business owners or employees aligned with their heart values, inner wisdom, and clients.

Whether you want a more heart-aligned job or business, you’ll find that I’m a guide who listens deeply and who reflects and teaches with insight and experience.

Explore, Get Unstuck, Align with Your Integrity

Although I’m steeped in marketing strategies, in addition to helping you write your message to attract work and clients, I help and support you as you:

  • Explore and find what’s right for you
  • Get unstuck and unlock your natural resistance
  • Find where you fit
  • Align your messages and marketing processes with your values, lifestyle, and integrity

My proven 7-step transition process is flexible enough for women who want new employment, to start a new business, or to grow an existing business. Whichever describes you, we start where you are.

In each step of the process, you center into your wisdom through your creativity, so you bring your heart into your decisions and work. You’ll discover which tasks excite you, which environments enhance you, how to attract work where you’ll be appreciated, and how to stay motivated.

Discover Your Strengths and Heart Wisdom

As a coach, I see your strengths and how you can use them, not your weaknesses. I reflect back what I hear and help you articulate what is in your heart.

As a writer, unlike a marketing specialist, I help and support you as you explore what’s right for you, to take new actions, and to get unstuck from your natural resistance.

Who Benefits from My Programs

I’ve worked with people from many backgrounds and organization levels. However, I seem to work best with caring coaches, creatives, teachers, and trainers who have many of these characteristics:Rise Above - Holly Genser, Career Coach & Writer

  • Want to build helping, cooperative, service businesses through relationships
  • Seek creative approaches to marketing and planning their career or business
  • Have lots of ideas and interests
  • Prefer one-to-one relationships over large groups

Most importantly, you’ll get the most out of working with me if you’re ready and willing to accomplish your growth by:

  • Investing time and money in your personal and/or business growth
  • Doing inner reflection assignments
  • Following through with action.

Let’s Get Started

Discover the clues that thread through your life leading to your best future, and clarify the messages that will attract work you love.

Schedule a 30-minute phone meeting.

There’s no charge or obligation. We’ll discuss your situation, your dreams, and your challenges. And if we both think we’d work well together, I’ll tell you how to begin your journey with me as your guide.

I look forward to talking with you soon!




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