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Why I'm a career coach

Witness to career mismatch

My journey to becoming an independent career services professional started as a child when I saw the pain of career mismatch in my parents. I felt frustrated because I couldn't help them.

As a young adult, I felt career confusion myself as I had difficulty relating my interests to a career. I was also quiet, barely tolerated parties, and choked making phone calls to strangers in early jobs.

Overall, I changed college majors and careers several times to find a good fit for me. Only much later did I discover that I'm an introvert and highly sensitive person and what that means for my work.

With grit, determination, and tools to bring forth my inner wisdom and manage my energy, I became more outspoken and willing to reach out to people.

Experience with job and career change

Meantime, after college, I was a researcher for a private, nonprofit consulting firm. During graduate school, I was a custom decorator (outside sales) for Sears and an editor and consultant for a university-affiliated welding engineering consultancy.

After graduate school, I continued to change jobs and careers in these roles:

  • Internal and external training consultant, project manager, and trainer at AT&T and Sprint
  • Adult education instructor
  • Higher education instructor and learning center director and, eventually,

I liked these positions, but I often felt drained when I led large groups or taught classes.

How I became passionate about career development

During my corporate training career, AT&T certified me to teach workshops Career Coaching for Supervisors and Career Development for Employees. Then, at Sprint, I led the development of Selection Interviewing for Supervisors and Job Interviewing Skills for Employees workshops.

I studied résumé writing, too, and used all the career materials and skills on myself and with my friends and family members.

Eventually, I trained as a personal coach, then as a career transitions coach and professionally branded resume and LinkedIn profile, web, and email writer.

Who benefits from custom career services?

Having worked with people from many backgrounds and organization levels, I've found that those who work well with me are discerning professionals and leaders who:

  • Enjoy making a contribution and developing others.
  • Need to give back and develop others.
  • Create programs, products, or other value for their customers or organizations.
  • Have high standards.
  • Desire more relaxation, fulfillment, and control over their lives.
  • Want to change jobs, companies, or industries within the next year or sooner.
  • Identify as introverts and/or highly sensitive people.
  • Are ready to:
    • Assess their needs, preferences, strengths, and vision for fulfilling work and life.
    • Invest time and money in the change they want, knowing that they will be rewarded later with more time, fulfillment, and money.
    • Complete assignments and participate in discussions that require thought and reflection.
    • Learn to become proactive in their job search rather than waiting for online applications.

How custom career services speed your transition

Based on your needs, I ask questions, listen deeply, and provide reflective worksheets, journaling, groups, and guided visualizations to:

  • Clarify your criteria for choosing your next career step.
  • Articulate your organization impacts and value proposition.
  • Write resumes, letters, and LinkedIn profiles that position you as a high-quality candidate who stands out above the average.
  • Train you to gain confidence and poise in job interviews.
  • Give you information and tools to tap the 75% of job openings that are not advertised to find or create work you love.
  • Guide you to work with your inner strengths and manage your energy in the outside world.

See my career coaching page, resume writing page, and LinkedIn profile page for service descriptions and fees.

What are my Qualifications?

I invest in training, collegial relationships, and certifications to provide you with high-quality services and to keep up with the latest trends in job search and career documents.

  • Certified Career Transitions Coach (CCTC)
  • Nationally Certified Resume Writer (NCRW)
  • Nationally Certified Online Profile Expert (NCOPE)
  • Certified Coach (CTA-CC)
  • National Resume Writers' Association, Member, past Newsletter Coordinator
  • Career Thought Leaders—Master lessons in Executive Resume and LinkedIn Profile Writing; Blueprint for the Hidden Job Market; Strategies for the 60+ Job Seeker
  • Career Directors International, Member
  • Certified Instructor for AT&T's Career Coaching for Supervisors and Career Development for Professionals workshops
  • Copywriting and Marketing Courses—American Writers and Artists, Inc. (AWAI), Freelance Writers Den, and Novice to Advanced Marketing System (NAMS)
  • Master of Arts in Training and Development, The Ohio State University

Let's Talk!

If you are an introverted professional or leader who wants to find or create a new place in the world to fit your unique contributions, contact me to schedule a discovery consultation.

We'll discuss your situation, goals, and challenges. If we both think I can help you, I'll tell you the investment and how I work. I look forward to talking with you soon.

I look forward to talking with you soon!


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