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Hi, I’m Holly! I help professionals and leaders who are frustrated with their jobs or careers and want to work in integrity with their values.

Over the last six years, I’ve served hundreds of clients, from new grads to executives.

Below, you'll learn about my qualifications, what's different about me, what clients say, why I'm passionate about career services, and some personal tidbits about me.

My Qualifications

My qualifications include numerous certifications, professional leadership, specialized expeertise, expert leadership, a long career of developing people and a lifetime of writing.


First, I earned Certified Career Transitions Coach (CCTC) and Certified Coach (CC) through Coach Training Alliance, International Coach Federation-approved programs.

Then, I earned Nationally Certified Resume Writer (NCRW) and Nationally Certified Online Profile Expert (NCOPE) through The National Resume Writers’ Association (NRWA).

Professional Leadership

As a member of The NRWA, I’m an Ask the Experts Blog contributor and past newsletter coordinator.

Specialized expertise

Beyond training in career coaching, resume writing, and online profile writing and strategy, I have additional training and experience in navigating the hidden job market, teaching job interviewing skills, guiding introverts, and providing strategies for the older job seeker.

Expert mentoring

Three prominent career services providers mentored me to ask the right questions and write strategically while they paid me to write career documents for their clients.

30+ years developing people

After earning an MA in Training and Development from The Ohio State University, I started as an internal training consultant, project manager, and instructor for AT&T. I jumped at the chance to teach career Development for Employees and Career Coaching for Supervisors.

Later, as an internal consultant at Sprint, I developed the company’s Selection Interviewing for Supervisors and Interviewing Skills for Employees workshops.

After doing some external consulting, I became an adult education instructor; then, finally, a university learning center director, instructor, and success coach, roles that allowed me to work with people on a personal level.

A life-long writer

To date, I have written hundreds of professionally researched, written, and strategized resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles.

But I have a long writing history before that. I wrote stories and poems as soon as I could hold a pencil, won school-wide essay contests, earned A’s on college papers, and kept a written expressive journal since I was 15 years old.

On the job, I wrote proposals, plans, reports, policies, procedures, forms, training manuals, and job performance aids. Then, after taking several email marketing and web copywriting courses, I did email marketing for myself, a nonprofit, and an online boutique while building my career services business.

What's Different About Me

You’ve heard that people can’t see their own strengths and think they’re nothing special.

Well, what you think everyone can do is usually what is most unique to you!

I uncover, recognize, and communicate your unique gifts, skills, and contributions and write them into your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile.

You’ll see how they transfer to your desired role and how to speak confidently about them in job interviews.

“Holly Genser was wonderful to work with. She prompted thought, engaged well to facilitate my articulation of concepts and content, and she really captured the essence of my character behind the qualifications. I learned a lot in the interaction about personal branding and, most importantly, about myself.”— Steve E., Operations Vice President, AL

“I love the LinkedIn profile you wrote for me, Holly, and the process of answering your questions was eye-opening. You gave me a new perspective on myself and my achievements, which helped me increase my confidence in what I offer through my business.Thanks so much!”—Charo Pinilla Villaverde, Founder and Coach, Tapping Your Purpose, Madrid Spain

Why I’m Passionate About Career Services

Witnessing career stress as a child

As a child, I felt sad and frustrated as I saw the pain of my mother’s career mismatch and my father’s discouraging job search during a recession.

Feeling stressed at work

Even though I loved my work, I felt drained being in an open environment with no windows, teaching workshops all day, and being expected to be more visible across the organization. Soon I discovered I was an introvert and that the environment I was in didn’t support me.

Navigating difficult job and career changes with little support

During my 25+ year career, I experienced all the shock, fear, and stress of planned and unexpected career moves.

Yet, each time I had the determination and persistence to, nevertheless, move on despite my feelings, learn the skills I needed, take on new challenges, and triumph again and again in positions and industries that better fulfilled my needs and interests as a creative, caring, and sensitive introvert.

Easing the way for others

For my last career moves, I hired my own coach and then decided to become a career coach and resume writer myself to use my experience and writing skills to ease these transitions for others.

Personal Tidbits

I love watching the fountain, lizards, turtles, and ducks on my backyard pond:


I also love listening to smooth jazz, singing, written and visual journaling, taking creative photos, and being with close friends and family.

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If we agree that my services are a fit for you, I'll tell you more about how I work and your investment. If not, I may be able to refer you elsewhere.

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Holly Genser, CCTC, NCRW, NCOPE