Writing Productivity Tips: How to Fight Fear and Write

Writing Productivity Tips

In a recent article, I discussed how procrastination and busyness often disguise fear. Another article shows that procrastination and fear may mask useful messages from the Inner Critic telling us that we may need more resources, tools, information, skills, or support before continuing.

Today, I present a related article from copywriter Mary Rose Maguire. It's called "My Confession on Productivity: How I Fight Fear and Produce the Work", a story of fear and resistance with writing productivity tips.

About the Article

In this article, Mary describes the resistance to writing that she experiences, even as a professional writer, and how she overcomes it.

Her solutions would help anyone writing blog posts or creating products and programs. Read Mary's story about resistance and her writing productivity tips. You'll also find out why I posted a photo of my favorite chocolate treat!

About Guest Author Mary Rose Maguire

Mary Rose Maguire is an accomplished copywriter and marketing specialist. With over 25 years of experience in marketing, copywriting, newsletter creation, design, and communications, Mary Rose helps clients market their message. From ideation to the final stage, Mary Rose works with her clients to create compelling copy to convert prospects to buyers and to build loyalty. She is the author of "5 Quick and Easy Ways to Improve Your Website Copy", which you can request on her website, www.MaryRoseMaguire.com.

Read her article here


  1. Dawn Howard Weaver

    Hi Holly,

    Thanks for sharing this article by Mary Rose Maguire. I found it extremely helpful as a blogger. I find it wonderful that you are sharing something you love with others.

    Thanks again,


    • Holly Genser

      You're welcome Dawn. Mary Rose has some wonderful articles. This one is particularly useful for anyone who blogs.

      I love the name of your website: Tree of Life Coaching. The tree of life has always been a meaningful symbol for me.

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