Career Transition Services: Renew your Enthusiasm and Love Your Work

4 Ways Career Transition Services Benefit You

Career Coaching Services |Holly Genser

1. An investment in career transition services pays you back.

Every day you're not working or are underemployed, you lose money. For example, if you make $50,000 plus benefits, you are losing $4,000 per month plus about $500 more in insurance and other amenities.

If you get new work even one month earlier than you would have on your own, you may gain more money than the coaching and writing services cost.

Job searches have changed from just a few years ago.

Today we have online applications, computerized applicant tracking systems, and recruiters and employers searching for you on Google and LinkedIn.

Without professional help or extensive research and work on your own, your job search drags on.

That leads to more months without income, with lower income, or suffering in your current situation.

You need professional expertise if you are looking for a new job or career or, despite your efforts, no one sees you.

2. Having a process, guidance, support, and accountability boosts your confidence and speeds you to your goal.

Career Coaching sessions center on your situation and your agenda based on my 7-Step Career Transition Process ensures you're on track with your job or career change.

Choose from the following or benefit from all four.

  • Decision Clarity to identify your purpose and what you want to do, where, and with whom
  • Tap the Hidden Job Market to craft your 30-second introduction and learn strategies for finding the 80% of jobs that are hidden.
  • Interview Confidence to learn strategies to respond to questions, identify questions to screen employers according to your criteria, and get feedback, and rehearse in a mock interview.

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3. Professional writing services use the latest techniques for increased visibility and interviews.

Professional LinkedIn Profile Writing and Résumé Writing services ensure you're noticed and stand out from other applicants. I use up-to-date techniques for attracting computerized applicant tracking systems, recruiters, hiring managers, and prospective clients.

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What clients say

I was fortunate to meet Holly when I was grappling with a particularly challenging issue at work. She gave me the tools I needed to find a successful solution. She listened and guided me. When I think of Holly's leadership style and results, I think of the philosopher Lao Tzu: But with the best leaders, when the work is done, the task accomplished, the people will say "We have done this ourselves.” Holly is one of the best leaders.— Carolyn D., FL

“You inspired me to reach inside myself and come out with ideas I never thought about for my business, my newsletter, and my Facebook page. I'd held myself back. “It's because of you that I find that I'm more confident about myself. I'm giving my first speech in the community this week because of your inspiration.”  — Patti H., Delray Beach, FL

“I had a job interview coming up last year and felt uncomfortable as I had been out of work due to an illness. Holly gave me practice interview questions to help me prepare, then we role-played the interview several times until I was comfortable answering the difficult questions with ease. Finally, I felt properly prepared for an interview, probably for the first time in my life....I got that job last year, and I still work for that company.

— Paula M., West Palm Beach, Florida

Feel clear, inspired, and supported as you find or create work you love

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