Change your job or career
with clarity and confidence

Career Transition Process - © Holly Genser, MA, CCTC, Certified Career Transitions Coach

Changing jobs or careers is tough

Whether you're employed, underemployed, or unemployed, confusion, overwhelm, fear, and frustration can easily stall or derail your progress.

Meantime, you're losing a month's pay every month your unemployed or underemployed.

Career coaching can help you get clear, stand out to employers, and shorten your job search.

What is involved?

Depending on where you are in the career transition process, you might benefit from:

  • Job Decision Clarity to identify your criteria, such as what you want to do, where, with whom, your values, and your purpose.
  • Tap the Hidden Job Market to take control of your job search and develop a measurable plan for contacting people for information and referrals.
  • Gain Interview Confidence by understanding the hidden agendas behind common questions, preparing well, and rehearsing until you gain poise.
  • The Premier Job Search Package, which includes both Tap the Hidden Job Market and Gain Interview Confidence.
  • The Deluxe Job Search Package, which includes both Tap the Hidden Job Market and Gain Interview Confidence plus four additional weekly coaching sessions and email support

Who benefits from career coaching?

Professionals, leaders, and executives who benefit from coaching:

  • Want to change jobs or careers and feel stuck in their job search
  • Are uncomfortable or unsuccessful with job interviews
  • Have been out of work while getting another degree or training, being a caregiver, or recovering from illness

What are the steps to changing jobs or careers?

  1. Job Decision Clarity is the foundation.

Take charge of your career by identifying your criteria for positions you want. Doing so allows you to tell others, research and select target positions and companies, and to communicate what you want to people who can introduce you to those who can help. It helps you identify your purpose and what you want to do, where, and with whom.

2. Obtain a professionally-written résumé, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile that quickly communicate what you offer to employers and pass through applicant tracking software and LinkedIn's search engine.

2. When you know what you want to do and have your career documents, then Tap the Hidden Job Market guides you to develop a measurable job search plan and communications to find the 60%- to 80% of jobs that are never advertised.

3. After you have a plan in place, Gain Interview Confidence provides strategies and rehearsal so you can respond with ease in job interviews and identify questions to screen employers according to your criteria.

4. Additional coaching is available to support you as you implement your job search plan separately or as part of the Deluxe Job Search Package.

What's coaching like?

During sessions, depending on your needs, I may:

  • Ask questions that help you deepen your thinking
  • Offer action steps, worksheets, ideas, articles, and/or books
  • Widen your perspective and options, so you see opportunities you might have otherwise missed
  • Help you stay on track with your actions and commitments to yourself when you get stuck or discouraged
  • Role-play interviews for information or for jobs
  • Make sure that you don't feel alone in your career transition
  • Encourage you and celebrate your successes, so you see your progress.
  • Answer your emailed questions and celebrate your successes between sessions.

With support, you'll take it one step at a time, at your own pace. Yet, you'll make faster progress than you ever could alone.

Feel clear, stand out, and be confident

Feel free to contact me for a consultation to discuss your situation,  goals, and challenges. If we both think I can help you, I'll tell you how I work. There's no obligation.

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