My Marketing Portfolio: A Variety of Samples

I appreciate your interest in looking at my marketing portfolio. These samples represent different writing styles for different types of organizations—an online boutique two private non-profit organizations, and my own business.

My samples include writing, layout, and graphics that represent a variety of copywriting tasks:

Web Pages Articles and Blog Posts Flyers
E-Newsletters Presentation Excerpts Reports
Brochures Press Releases Marketing Manuals

In some cases, names, phone numbers, email addresses, are removed for privacy.


Web Pages

I freshened and updated the Volusion E-commerce website.


  • Increased site's standing on Google for key categories from invisible to page 2 or 3.
  • Cut by 30% the number of people leaving from a client’s shopping cart before purchasing.


  • Streamlined and rewrote the Home page.
  • Wrote the About page.
  • Changed the website background color from tan to white.
  • Wrote a tagline to express the owner's personality.
  • Rewrote, cleaned up, changed Contact photo.
  • Wrote and set up a new Join Email List area and Join Email page.
  • Wrote the new Contact page.
  • Changed the buy buttons from tan to bright burgundy.
  • Edited the Cart and Checkout pages n Volusion  (need go through the buying process to these).
  • Rewrote several product category pages, such as the Dog Wedding Attire category page.
  • Modernized the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on all category and sub-category pages. click to contact photo of white toy poodle says: Need Help? Hi! I'm Sam! Click to email me now!


I created and wrote my entire website at

“Holly’s updates turned my website into a bright, and new site that’s easier for customers to use without spending a lot of money on a total re-design. I get wonderful feedback from people who tell me how fabulous the changes are to my website.”

— Patti Hasner, Owner and Founder,

Email Newsletters

I tripled sales from email newsletters by moving to MailChimp, redesigning, re-branding. Achieved a 37.44 % open rate, 2.9% higher than the industry average, and a 6.8% click rate. Here are some examples.

Get Ready for Costume Fun | Facebook Costume Photo Invitation

Prevent Severe Winter Health Problems | Coat, Costume Coupons

Keeping Your Dog Warm Indoors

These are the most popular newsletters from during 2013 before I re-branded:

The Cure for Procrastination

10 Steps to Promote a Program

6 Steps to Deal with Too Many Ideas

6 Keys to Writing a Successful Ebook

Temple Shaarei Shalom

  • Transferred the Temple newsletter to Constant Contact to connect with the Temple database.
  • Achieved a 53 to 59% open rate, 3.9 times higher than the average for similar organizations.

I wrote the email in this given format: To Friends of Temple Shaarei Shalom

“The story that I love to tell is the one about the newsletters because I can't tell you how many times I told Holly that I only wanted product photos in them, but Holly knew better. She wanted more content because people want to know about you, and newsletters allow you to have more personal involvement. I slowly let her change the format. Now my newsletters present a story from me. As my son says, they now sound wonderful and personal. The newsletter reports show that people read my newsletters and click more. Sales from newsletters have gone through the roof.”

— Patti Hasner, Owner and Founder,


How Helath, Wellness, and Personal Development Professionals Can Stand Out and Attract Clients with Ease, Caring and Integrity  Holly Genser

Disability Services Brochure  Northwood University, FL

Articles and Blog Posts   (over 35 posts on content marketing, information products, ebooks, launching, planning, writing, and more)

Safe Traveling with Your Dog

How to Help Your Dog Get Comfortable Wearing Clothing

How to Choose the Right Harness for Your Dog

5 Essential Tips for Summer Dog Safety


Ebook Writing Success Secrets Webinar (Excerpt) Holly Genser

LRC is for Everyone! PowerPoint Presentation   (Excerpt) Northwood University, FL

Press Releases

Both of these press releases were published in the regional Jewish Journal for Temple Shaarei Shalom.

Press Release-Miss Emily Adds to 2013 Children's Services

Rishonim Press Release


Category Page Style Sheet

Marketing Coordinator's Handbook  (Excerpt) Temple Shaarei Shalom

SCORE Desk Duty Procedures (Excerpt) SCORE of Delray Beach

How to Open and Close Hurricane Shutters  private client


These are all for Temple Shaarei Shalom.

2013 Break-the-Fast Flyer

The following flyers are in black and white for printing on colored paper:

Delray Playhouse 2-19-14

The Coquettes 10-17-13 

2013 Children's Service Web Form


FERPA & Disabilities Research Report (Handout for Presentation)  Northwood University, FL

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