How Esther Got the One Job She Wanted

My client “Esther” had her own business, but she needed more money to pay for her son’s hospital bills. She hadn’t updated her résumé in ten years, and she didn't know how to create a résumé that would bring the work she wanted.

Furthermore, she had recently done little work in her preferred field, and much of her related experience was ten years ago.

She also wanted a flexible, professional position that allowed her to continue building her business.

Can you create a résumé that will attract the work you want?

If you last learned to write résumés even a few years ago, you need to know that the world has changed a lot since then.

Most résumés go through an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), even if you email them in!

Only the smallest companies with small budgets lack an ATS these days.

If you don’t pass through the ATS programmed criteria, no one ever reads your résumé!

If you do pass through the ATS, your résumé will be read by a recruiter or HR generalist who is looking for specific criteria to weed you out.

Now you must demonstrate to that person that how you meet their criteria in 3 seconds or less! If you don’t, your résumé goes in the trash.

Without proper strategizing, formatting, and writing, a hiring manager probably will never see your résumé.

If your résumé does make it to the hiring manager, though, you have 3 to 5 seconds to be placed in a “to read” pile.

Unless you’re called, you’re left waiting weeks or months without a reply. Most companies don’t even acknowledge you anymore.

If you're not getting results, you're not the problem

When you’re miserable in your current job, unemployed, or underemployed and not getting results from your job applications, you feel discouraged and wonder what’s wrong with you.

It's not you.

It’s the system. It’s changed. It’s become more complex. It’s become more computerized and anonymous.

The process of creating a resume takes more knowledge and skill than it used to.

You either learn to work with the system or learn to work around it

I can write a résumé that differentiates you from the crowd and pass through employers' Applicant Tracking Systems it for you or I can teach you how to strategize, format, and write them yourself.

You can also by-pass Applicant Tracking Systems entirely. I can teach you more effective methods to find or create work that fits you.

Whether you're bored, unappreciated, underemployed, unemployed, or returning to employment, contact me for a complimentary, 30-minute discovery phone call to see how I can help you regain your confidence and enthusiasm and find or create work you love.

In Esther’s case, I helped her work with the system

I interviewed her and created a new résumé that focuses on her value to the company. I also ensured that it had the right formatting and keywords that would pass through the company’s Applicant Tracking System.

Then, I gave her guidelines on what to include in her cover letter, which she wanted to write herself.

A few weeks later, Esther wrote me that she got an interview. A few weeks later, she excitedly told me she got the job.

Now Esther has a flexible, high level, part-time position that uses her skills and experience while she continues to run and grow her business. And her son’s medical bills are being paid off without worries or strain.

What experiences have you had with résumés you created?

Tell me in the comments section below.

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