Six Characteristics of a Great Ebook

Your e-books and other information products represent you and what you offer of value to your prospective clients. How do you write a great ebook that's memorable? You make it not just informative; you make it useful and interactive. Here are six characteristics to keep in mind when you write an ebook.

Six Characteristics of a Memorable Ebook

A useful ebook has these characteristics:

  • It tells readers how to do something.
  • It gives enough detail so they can actually do it.
  • It focuses on a narrow topic that you can cover fully.
  • It gives descriptions, examples, illustrations, charts, resources, web links, case studies, as needed.
  • It provides questions and actions that help people apply the content.
  • It's relatively short, 12 to 30 pages long, on average.

Questions for Reflection and Comment

  • What ebooks have you read?
  • How well were they able to help you take action on your goals?
  • How did the good ones help you take action on your goals?
  • What could they have done better to be more valuable to you?

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See Write a Great Ebook Part 2 for more about how to create questions and actions that make your e-book valuable to your prospects and clients.

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