Confidently Create Beautiful Résumés that Get Noticed

Do you also wonder how experts create résumés that look beautiful and get noticed?

Do you want to:

  • Highlight headings in color and use lines that fit precisely under or over the text?
  • Use gradient text boxes to showcase quotes?
  • Streamline your work and save time by using Styles?
  • Apply graphic elements that don't hinder readability in ATS systems?
  • Clear your name as author from a document?

So did members of The NRWA Certification Study Group. When polled for topic suggestions, their first choice was to learn how to format résumés in Microsoft Word®, and I was the chosen instructor.

A résumé writer with a knack for technology

During my years in the training, education, marketing fields, I was the person to see for coaching and software guides to accomplish specific work tasks.

Recently, as a career coach and résumé writer, I participated in an informal certification study group with members of The NRWA. Facilitator, Jean Austin, asked me to present two, 1½-hour webinars for the group. Soon afterward, I also authored The Essential Microsoft Word® Guide for Professional Résumé Writers, a 42-page, illustrated, step-by-step reference guide.

YouTube and Microsoft Word® Courses Don't Fit Résumé Writers

You've probably searched YouTube in vain to find videos that will show you what you need to know and only ended up confused. I know because neither The NRWA Study Group members nor I could find something appropriate.

Maybe you've taken live or online courses and still don't know how to apply the graphic elements you need as a résumé writer. Group members told me these courses were a waste of money because that's not what such courses include.

I discovered they were right. There was nothing online for quick reference that fit us. And courses covered many tools and left out just what we need and in the way we need them.

Here's what you've been waiting for

To help The NRWA Study Group members, I created two-1½-hour webinars and an ebook to address the basic and advanced tools to create a beautiful résumé faster than ever.

Now, I've revised and expanded the reference book I wrote for the Study Group. Called The Essential Microsoft Word® Guide for Professional Résumé Writers, it's a 42-page, illustrated, step-by-step guide that gives you the tools and confidence you need to bring your résumés to the next level, save time, and grow your business.

How The NRWA peers reacted to my Microsoft Word® Guide and webinars

“The best thing about your book is that it taught me what I didn't know. I've been working with MS Word for two decades and I still learned something new.” – Laura Needham,
WorkSkills program, LifeBridge Community Services, Bridgeport, CT

“I love Holly's communication style! She is warm and welcoming but stays on task. I'll use some of the information on a daily basis.”

—Mary Jo King, NCRW, Alliance Resume & Writing Service

“This Microsoft Word® formatting webinar was eagerly awaited, and Holly Genser did not disappoint! She was extremely well organized and skillfully engaged and met the needs of an audience with various skill levels. Holly welcomed questions and answered them thoroughly. Her calm demeanor, thorough explanations, and genuine interest in helping our group improve our skills made this a memorable webinar. I look forward to future presentations by Ms. Genser.”

—Jean Austin, NCRW, CJSS, CCMC, OPNS, MS, Talents Presented

 What's your investment?

Your investment is only $97 for:

  • A 42-page e-book with a clickable table of contents for reference on your computer or tablet. You may also print it for your desk
  • Easy-to-follow, step-by-step directions with screenprints, highlights, and arrows to show you what to do
  • Examples of graphic formatting and how small changes in settings bring big differences in results.

You'll spend less time struggling to make your résumés fit your vision and spend it instead on compelling writing, beautiful designs, and more résumés.

You'll feel more confident speaking with prospective clients, which will lead to more sales.

What's covered in The Essential Microsoft Word® Guide for Professional Résumé Writers

Session I: Basic Typesetting (Timesavers, Bullets, & Controls)

  • Insert Page Breaks to start a new page without the content moving when you rearrange text, page 4
  • Set Headers and Footers that show only where you want them, page 5
  • Place dates quickly and easily, page 6
  • Apply Indents to wrap text, even without bullets, page 8
  • Indent your bulleted text from the margin, page 10
  • Adjust Paragraph Spacing for fine control, instead of using the enter key, page 12
  • Adjust Line Spacing to give you fine control over how the text fits on the page, page 13
  • Use Bullets, page 14

Session II: Decorative Elements and Shortcuts (Strategic Formatting & Graphics)

  • Cautions for ATS Compatibility, page 15
  • Use ATS-Compatible graphics, page 16
  • Create a Plain and Gradient Text Boxes, page 22
  • Add and Position a Photo, so it goes where you want it, page 27
  • Use Small Caps so your headings don't shout, page 30
  • Set One-Click Styles to save time and effort while ensuring consistency throughout your document, page 31
  • Use Columns, page 32
  • Use Tables, page 34

You'll also get tips for shortcuts and how to present a resume clean of personal information and spelling and grammar tags.

Reference whatever you need any time with the clickable table of contents, step-by-step instructions, and screen prints for each task.

Here's an excerpt of a sample task

Clear tasks, screen prints, arrows, and more.

Use Microsoft Word format resumes: Example from The Essential Guide to Microsoft Word® for Professional Resume Writers

Why You Need this Guide

This may be the only Microsoft Word® guide available written by a professional résumé writer for professional résumé writers. Neither have my colleagues leaders at The NRWA nor I have found any course or book on Microsoft Word® that fits the needs of résumé writers.

With The Essential Microsoft Word® Guide for Professional Résumé Writers, you'll get the tools you need to write beautiful résumés—all in one place and at your fingertips.

In addition, when The NRWA Study Group asked for my help, I was ready. As a former training project manager and Microsoft Word® user for 30 years, I had gone deeply into Microsoft Word® as a tool for writing reports, proposals, instructional materials, and my own résumés.

I also had been the go-to person for Microsoft Office® help in most of my jobs since 1986. I coached individuals and wrote many software guides for specific job tasks over my lifetime.

More recently, as a résumé writer, I also learned which design tools passed through ATS software when I studied The NRWA webinar, "The Latest News on Applicant Tracking Software Systems," by Pat Criscito.

When you have The Essential Microsoft Word® Guide for Professional Résumé Writers, you finally have a guide written for you by a résumé writer who knows how to write instructional guides.


After your purchase, when you give your permission to join my list for résumé writers, you'll also get these bonuses:

  • Emailed Tips to help you use the guide most effectively and efficiently
  • Answers to readers questions sent by email, including directions for both Windows & Mac users
  • Free updates to the greatly-expanded version 2 (simply click in the emails with update notices).

My Guarantee

If you invest in The Essential Microsoft Word® Guide for Professional Résumé Writers and then decide it's not for you, you can get a refund within seven days.

Simply email me with your PayPal receipt and ask. In return, you agree to 1) tell me why the book is not for you, so I can continue to improve it and 2) delete the material from your computer and cloud storage.

Increase Your Confidence and Income

Spend less time struggling to make your résumés fit your vision and focus instead on powerful writing and designs. You'll help clients get more interviews they need, which will bring more referrals you need.

As these new techniques become automatic, you'll feel more confident in your abilities and results, which will lead to confidence with prospective clients, marketing, and sales.

Invest in yourself and your business success today