How to Set Up Your Writing Environment for Success

We creative types get ideas at the strangest times. I get ideas as I am falling asleep, in the shower, eating breakfast, and when I am supposed to be doing anything but writing.

That’s why I keep a pad of paper everywhere. I have a small, spiral pad by my bed, one on the kitchen table, a large one on my writing desk, and a tiny one in my purse. I keep OneNote open on my computer, and, at my work desk, I keep a two-page per day planner, where I jot ideas or to-dos on the notes page. Wherever I am, I can jot down an idea.

I have more creative impulses because I know I have a nearby place for any idea. If I have to hunt for pen or paper, by the time I find them, I have lost the idea, and the momentum that carried it.

So, I set up my environment up to succeed, to take advantage of small moments. I use pads; you may use a small digital recorder. Whatever you use, over time, those moments of notes may add up to outlines for a blog series, books, or courses. Or, all three.

Lao Tzu said, "Every journey begins with one step." Each step brings you closer to your goal.

They give you something to start with when you sit down to write, so you don’t start with a blank page. And, you just might find themes and patterns in the ideas you write. The secret to making every step count is to set up your environment for success. So, keep notebooks and pens, or other devices everywhere you go to record your ideas. Then, periodically gather them in a folder or location where they can inspire you as you plan and write.

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