Services to Change Jobs or Careers

You’re a professional or leader ready to change jobs or careers because you want to make a meaningful contribution with good income that’s in integrity with your values.

If you’re tired of struggling by yourself to:

  • Translate your experience, strengths, values, and accomplishments into higher or different types of positions
  • Learn how to write documents that will show how what you’ve done translates into what you want to do, pass applicant tracking software, and impress a human being
  • Figure out how to navigate the hidden job market where 65% to 75% of jobs remain unadvertised, especially if you’re an introvert and
  • Do well in job interviews.
  • Learn strategies to help you as an introvert.

I offer these services to support you:

  • Job & career change documents - résumés, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles
  • Strategies for navigating the hidden job market - resources and a personal Jumpstart session
  • Services for excelling job in job interviews - resources, personal jumpstart session, and mock interview
  • Personal guidance for finding your next goal, strategies for introverts, and career change

Job & Career Change Documents

* Résumé

Get an all-custom résumé targeted to a specific position that includes a value proposition (what outcomes you deliver to employers), powerful professional profile, keywords for applicant tracking software (ATS), your specific accomplishments and their impacts (not just job descriptions). Custom success strategy and design. No templates, no boilerplate job descriptions used by low-priced providers. Click for details.

* Cover Letter

Position yourself as the right candidate with a cover letter that highlights your strengths, experience, and qualifications for the job and why you want to work there. Includes directions for customizing to fit different organizations and positions. Use the matching letterhead for thank you notes, reference sheets, and correspondence. Click for details.

* Complete LinkedIn Profile

A complete LinkedIn profile helps recruiters, employers, and colleagues find you. It also helps you to find people with information and access to employers, recruiters, and jobs.

Includes Branded headline and About sections, strategically placed keywords throughout, outcome-based Experience section, Groups to join to widen your position in search and ability to find people, and content and directions for any section that applies to you. Click for details.

* Partial LinkedIn Profile

For price-conscious folks who want to get started with LinkedIn. It includes only the Headline and About sections. Click for details.

Navigate the Hidden Job Market

* Navigate the Hidden Job Market Resource Bundle

Guides and worksheets to finding the 65% to 75% of great jobs that are never advertised. Click for details.

* Navigate the Hidden Job Market Jumpstart

Gain skills for using little-known advanced features of LinkedIn to tap the hidden job market where 65% to 75% of great jobs that are never advertised. Includes access to the Resources and one 50-minute session with me. Click for details.

* Gentle Networking Jumpstart

Learn comfortable ways for you to approach people for conversations rather than ask for a job. Click for details.

* Résumé Distribution

Have your résumé sent to recruiters for positions and industries of your choice. Available only with resume service. Ask for details.

Excel at Job Interviews

* Excel at Job Interviews Resource Bundle

Preparation guides and worksheets that allow you to stand out with confidence and poise. Click for details.

* Excel at Job Interviews Jumpstart

Gain skills for using little-known advanced features of LinkedIn to tap the hidden job market where 65% to 75% of great jobs that are never advertised. Includes access to guides and forms and one 50-minute session with me. Click for details.

* Excel at Job Interviews Mock Interview Package

Gain confidence through practice, encouragement, and feedback with Excel at Job Interviews Resources, and one personal 1 ½-hour mock interview. Click for details.

Personal Job and Career Change Guidance

* Find Your Next Career Goal Jumpstart

Identify your values, interests, and other criteria for finding a position that fits you. For people who have a clue but need to clarify a few things and get it all down on paper. Includes worksheets plus one 50-minute strategy session with me.

* Services for Introverts

As an introvert with over 25 years working in business and nonprofits, I integrate strategies and encouragement to introverted clients during live sessions together and in some of my resources.

* Longterm Support for Job or Career Change

If you want to go in a new career direction and need guidance, I can help you in one-to-one sessions. After you identify your purpose, values, interests, needs, and heart’s desires, you’ll create plans with ongoing accountability, support, brainstorming, and learning. Includes email support on weekdays for the program duration.

Contact me to discuss your situation and choose or customize a program for you.

Ready for your next step to change your job or career?

If you’re ready to explore how I can ease your job or career transition, I invite you to a Discovery Consultation. We’ll discuss your situation and goals and you'll be heard and understood.

Holly Genser, Certified Career Transitions Coach, Natinally Certified Resume Writer, Nationally Certified Online Profile Expert

If we agree that my services are a fit for you, I'll tell you more about how I work and your investment. If not, I may be able to refer you to some resources or to another provider.

Whatever you decide, you will have a clearer understanding of your challenges and learn something new about the modern job search.

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