Résumé Samples

The modern résumé targets your industry and the specific job and company you want to work for. You do need a different résumé for each one you apply for, even if you're only changing some keywords and the order of presentation.

The following résumé samples are targeted to specific positions. They're modified from the originals to protect the client's privacy. Names, employer names, locations, and other details are fictionalized.

They illustrate different designs, experience, and position levels.

 Nonprofit Executive Director Résumé

This client had extensive experience in addiction treatment and education with an eleven-year gap. She wanted to keep the older experience in order to show strong, relevant accomplishments related to the position she targeted.

Keywords for the target position ad are used at the top and throughout the résumé in order to pass through computer scans.

The client got the interview she wanted and subsequently accepted the job.

Executive Director for Nonprofit Résumé Sample

Online Marketing Specialist Résumé

With several job changes, this client was unaware of her value. During her two-hour interview, I discovered and presented her fabulous record of achieving results for her employers, regardless of her situation.

Online Marketing Specialist Resume

Creative Director & Graphic Designer Résumé

This client has extensive experience and wanted to highlight only particular aspects. She also wanted to be sure she covered all the keywords she might encounter, preferring not to target the resume any further at this time.

Résumé design was not part of this designer's expertise, so I gave her a simple but elegant one.

Creative Director-Graphic Designer Résumé Sample

Executive Assistant Résumé

This executive assistant had 25 years' experience, almost half of which was in one job. She wanted a new challenge, doing less legal work, so I emphasized all her transferrable skills.

Keywords were important, and I varied them, so they'd be found, regardless of how an employer might input them.

Executive Assistant Résumé Sample

Administrative Assistant Cover Letter & Résumé

This administrative assistant wanted a pay increase by moving to a larger organization with more responsibility. Although some of the duties were different, I highlighted her fit with the organization and transferrable skills.

Administrative Assistant Cover Letter & Résumé Sample

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“Hi Holly- I was selected to be interviewed and I go in front of six members of the search committee in the morning. Thank you for your role in making this happen! I will keep you posted.” [she got the job]

—Barbara T., CA

“Holly, thank you for working so diligently to create my new resume. Everything looks spot on. I certainly appreciate your thoroughness and professionalism. It has been a pleasure working with you.”

—Cheryl M., FL

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