Confidently attract your ideal clients and customers with heart and integrity

If  you're a Résumé Writer, Career Coach, or other heart-centered solopreneur, you want to:

  • Attract clients to you, without feeling pushy or slimy
  • Use your personality, creativity, and heart—your whole self—to attract clients
  • Build relationships, not sell
  • You feel uncomfortable with technology or don't have time for it

As a fellow resume writer, freelancer, and career coach, I had more time than money when I started my business. I doggedly learned content and email marketing, LinkedIn, and Facebook. It was all new to me.

After applying what I learned to my own and others' businesses, and with and 20 years' experience in training and education, others are asking for my help to:

Contact me to schedule a 30-minute call to discuss your marketing projects. There's no charge or obligation. We'll discuss your writing and business goals and challenges. If we both think I can help you, then I'll tell you how I work and send you a proposal/agreement.

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