Other Marketing Communications

Professionally written marketing communications that attract clients

Establish your credibility, trustworthiness, and expertise with one or more of these:

Proposals show what you will do for an individual client, your policies and terms, and a biography or resume of your credentials.

Ebooks provide information, worksheets, or skills that help your readers accomplish something of value to them.

Reports describe your methods and results. They often tell how your clients can get those results, too.

Case Studies demonstrate how you worked with specific clients and the results they achieved, along with quotes from the client. Prospective clients love to see how you've successfully helped others.

Webinars bring potential and existing clients together for an extended experience of you. I make sure that experience is easy for you and organized, attractive, and a valuable learning for all attendees.

Brochures highlight your expertise, products, and services and entice people to see your website and join your email list. Since their portable, bring a pile to prospective client meetings, speaking engagements, networking groups, and trade shows. Leave them in gathering places in your neighborhood.

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