Attract Clients to Your WordPress Website

You are a résumé writer who knows that you are not attracting clients who are searching Google.

Clients search Google for answers to their problems, not specific company names.

They search for keywords like "resume writer in West Palm Beach," "how to answer interview questions," or "IT resume writer."

Only people who already know you can find you when your SEO is set only to your company name. So, your company is hidden from potential clients.

Why Résumé Writers Are Confused by SEO

  • Website designers may feel that website operations are so familiar as to be obvious or may not see website training as part of their service. So, they leave you hanging.

  • There are hundreds of educational posts on the Yoast SEO website. They don't lead you step-by-step into what you need to know at a basic level. They get into more intermediate and advanced information quickly, addressing topics rather than the basic tasks you need to perform.

  • WordPress has changed a lot. It used to provide a list of accessible formatting tools at the top of the page, but now they are limited and some are hidden. Even the SEO plugin format has changed.

  • Professionals focus on their own skills, may not know what they don't know, and may avoid learning "technical" website skills.

Yet, Basic SEO Is Easy!

You already know how to use keywords in résumés.

You only need to know how to find website keywords, place them where Google searches for them, and use a few simple tools built into your WordPress website.

The Yoast plugin that appears automatically on every web page gives you a form for writing in your keyword information and descriptions. Then it does the rest for you behind the scenes.

“Holly teaches SEO for business owners and she makes it really easy to follow. I learned to navigate my website SEO through Yoast. And it’s much easier than using Google Adwords. It’s much more user friendly.”
—Rosalinde Rosado, Certified Career Coach, URLaunchpad

“Holly is an excellent instructor and has a lot of patience with beginners. I knew ZERO about SEO and was happy to learn the basics so I can start implementing it on my website.”
—Dianne Millsap, Certified Résumé Writer, Di4Résumé/Executive Résumé, Inc.

You Can Learn to Attract Clients to Your WordPress Website

In the Attract Clients to Your WordPress Website Workshop, you will learn the basics of SEO so you can be found on Google for all you offer.

You will:

  • Identify keywords used by your ideal clients when they search.
  • Use those keywords where they count in your web pages and blog posts.
  • Use the simple Yoast SEO plugin to write searchable Google descriptions.
  • Improve your SEO with Yoast's feedback.
  • Use the new Block format to compose web pages and blog posts.

Workshop Outline

Here's what you'll learn in this two-session workshop.

Session 1 (~1.5 hrs)

  • Identify basic keyword strategies.
  • Get better, longtail keyword ideas from keyword lists.
  • Write Google Snippets (searchable page descriptions) in the Yoast Plugin.
  • Apply rules for page and blog post URLs.

Session 2 (~1.5 hrs)

  • Write and format web pages and posts with Blocks.
  • Incorporate keywords into pages and posts where Google looks for them.
  • Use Yoast suggestions to improve your pages' standing in Google searches.
  • Add photos with searchable descriptions.

Other Workshop Components

Each session will include:

  • Demonstrations
  • Practice
  • Q&A and
  • Resources

My Qualifications

Holly Genser, Certified Career Transitions Coach, Natinally Certified Resume Writer, Nationally Certified Online Profile ExpertAs a Nationally Certified Résumé Writer (NCRW) with a background in professional training and a knack for technology, I help résumé writers and career coaches master Microsoft Word® and attract more clients by getting clear on how to use WordPress.

More than 60% of my business comes from Google.

After taking website writing, copywriting, and email marketing courses from AWAI and the Freelance Writer's Den, I designed and/or wrote websites and email newsletters for over six years for my own business and an online boutique. 

I'm also the author of the NRWA recommended book, The Essential Microsoft Word® Manual for Professional Résumé Writers and I presented the NRWA webinar, Essential Microsoft Word® Shortcuts and Timesavers.

Prior to becoming a Certified Career Coach and NCRW, I earned an MA in Training and Development and designed and instructed training programs for AT&T, Sprint, nonprofits, and a local university.

Your Investment for Attract Clients to Your WordPress Website

My minimum hourly coaching fee is $100, which would be $150/session.

However, your investment for this workshop is only $35 for two, 1 1/2-hour sessions.

That's less than $12 per hour per person.

In return, I ask that you:

  • Attend live on Thursdays, April 9 and April 16 at 2:00 pm, so we have examples and you can practice.
  • Complete a short feedback survey after each session
  • Give permission for me to record you during sessions.

How it Works

  • After you pay with PayPal, you'll see the scheduling page where you can select the two sessions to register.
  • Add the sessions and meeting directions to your calendar by clicking the appropriate button in the Acuity Scheduling email confirmation.
  • You will also receive directions by email four hours before each session.

Holly Genser, CCTC, NCRW, NCOPE